For Windows XP, Vista, 2007


An application that combines Mark Forster's Autofocus time management system with the Pomodoro technique.

I wrote it in a fit of stubbornness, not finding anything that matched exactly what I was looking for. If you're anything like me, it won't fit exactly what you are looking for either, but if you happen to find it useful, I'm glad.

It's a pretty simple and straightforward application. You just type your items wherever you like. When you start working on one, just click on the gray dot on the left. This is where the Pomodoro part kicks in. The dot turns into a red timer that gradually turns green over a period of 25 minutes, after which it rings and a large 5-minute timer is shown. When the 5-minute pause is over, it rings again.


If you want to dismiss the pause timer, just click on the crossed timer icon in the top left corner.

When you have completed a task (item), check it on the right side. It'll be crossed out.

When you are done working on a task, but aren't finished with it, click on the down-arrow on the right. The task will be crossed out and added at the bottom of the list.

To completely delete an item, click on the red cross icon on its right.

Move from page to page by clicking on the arrows at the top.

The application is free. If you appreciate it, you can buy me a beer. Hence that "Donate" button, and an unintrusive one in the application itself.

I hope you find it useful.


Any suggestions, questions, or bug reports, which I'll try to answer if time allows: